DIY Parchment Paper Candle Holders

diy candle holder parchment

Every other week, Anna Hezel talks about the innovations, decorations, and other quiet touches that make a party memorable. Today: Get your candles into party gear with just some parchment paper, glue, and a pair of scissors.    If you’re anything like me, you spend the week before a big party walking in the same circles around [Read On]

Merry Christmas to You Frugal Fans, See You in 2014!


The Discount Dame wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that I will be on a much-needed vacation until January 3rd.  Enjoy all of the great after Christmas sales, but more importantly enjoy these last few days of 2013 with those you love.

Party On! Friday: Throwing a Holiday Party on a Budget

Discount Dame Trim the Tree Contest!

Looking to throw a holiday bash but low on cash?  Well the Discount Dame has you covered.  No I’m not footing the bill, but I do have a few  tips to help you tame your budget and impress your guests. -Timing is everything!  If you don’t want to shell out big bucks on food plan [Read On]

Happy Thanksgiving!


*The soft cheer of the Macy’s Day parade wafts in from the front room, The Discount Dame is standing at the kitchen counter in her apron* Happy Thanksgiving guys & dolls!  This year I am thankful for my God, my wonderful little family, and all of you who read and support me here at [Read On]

A Message from The Discount Dame


The Discount Dame is re-cooperating,  re-grouping, and re-charging while she nurses her turkey hangover with coffee and shopping today. Enjoy your Black Friday and remember, more deals are on their way this holiday season, if you don’t get it today you will survive, promise!

Party On! Friday: Mustache Diaper Cake

Mustache Diaper Cake

One of my dear friends from my wild and crazy college years is expecting her second son and I was happy to receive an invite to her baby shower.  But what do you buy a mommy to be who has all the boy things she needs, and has the same silly sense of humor I do?  A [Read On]

FREE Printable Wizard of Oz Water Bottle Label


Click your ruby slippers no more!  You’ve found the home of a FREE Printable Wizard of Oz Water Bottle Label that is actually free.  Why is it when you search FREE Printable __________ you always end up at places where they are selling templates?  That really frosts my cookie!  I have Pirate Printable Water Bottle [Read On]

DIY Washable Glitter Wine Glasses

Glitter Wine Glass

There is nothing worse than picking up someone else’s wine glass at a party and taking a big old swig…well, I guess if they have a cold that could be worse, or a cold sore, but I digress…  Never suffer that uh-oh moment again!  By making a set, or two, or three, of these DIY [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Flowerless Centerpiece

flowerless centerpiece

Throwing a bash on a budget, be it wedding, birthday, or anniversary can be tricky.  Especially when it comes to centerpieces which are usually composed of pricey flowers that can wilt away in the summer heat, cost a bundle during cold winter months (ordering from south america is not cheap) and on top of it [Read On]

Party On! Friday: No Mess Confetti Easter Eggs

confetti eggs made easy

Confetti Eggs are easy to make, and easy to clean up if you swap out the confetti for Fruity Pebbles or their generic cousin the store brand Rainbow Crispies.  Here is an easy Easter Confetti Egg how-to that will have you crack’n eggs in no time! Materials needed: As Many Eggs As You’d Like Food Coloring* [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Hydrating Fo-Frosting for DIY Cupcake Bath Bombs

bath bomb

So Wednesday I shared with you how to make a bath bomb (Click Here if you missed it).  I was going to wait until next Wednesday to show you how to whip up the frosting but then I realized that this DIY falls nicely under Party On! Friday…how on earth did I make that connection? [Read On]

Party On Friday: Easy St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece & FREE Printables!

St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece

$2 and a cake plate.  That is all you’ll need to make this adorable and easy St. Patrick’s Day inspired centerpiece.  I love using things I already have and printables that I can score online for free.  I found the banner on Sugartodesigns and you can get it for yourself by CLICKING HERE.  This is [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Party Planning Excel Spreadsheet

woman with list

I am gearing up for my son’s 5th birthday party taking place tomorrow.  As I worked feverishly into the night fluffing tissue paper, stuffing pinatas, and dying frosting I checked items off in my handy-dandy Excel spreadsheet.  I have been using the same one to plan and keep my parties organized for years and I [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Birthday or Baby Shower Ribbon Wreath

ribbon wreath

I hate throwing away the ribbons off birthday presents, and with my son’s birthday looming I started looking for ways to turn them into something other than landfill space-taker-upers (totally a word by the way).  I stumbled upon, okay pinned upon this adorable wreath and couldn’t resist sharing it with you!   What You’ll Need: [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Three Ultimate Dips


Who doesn’t love a good dip?  Dip is a staple for any type of party your throwing.  It’s also a great way to buy time if your main course is running long in the oven.  It’s also portable enough for pot-lucks and house-warmings.  Okay enough laughing at my terrible photo shopping!  Concentrate instead on the [Read On]

Party On Friday: DIY Ribbon Chandelier, a 10 Minute Craft


This week I stumbled across a great project that I found had way to many complicated steps and required way to many tools.  But I loved the end result and knew I could get there faster, cheaper, and in half the time.  So I thought I’d share with you my Ribbon Chandelier how to.  These would [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Lighted Picture Frame Centerpiece

Diy Lighted Picture Centerpiece

This is the perfect centerpiece for the true narcissist, or the super sappy ( I must say I am little bit of both)!  It also makes a great memorial candle for weddings or other occasions where you want to remember your loved ones in a way that is warm, personal, and classy.  The great thing about [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Toothbrush Holder Centerpiece

tooth brush centerpiece

If flowers are what your after but you never mastered the arrangement here is a helpful way to make your centerpieces come out perfect every time: Skip the vase and use a tooth brush holder! Just fill the toothbrush holder with water and tuck one or two stems into each hole, viola! My pic for [Read On]

Party On! Friday: DIY Fruit Centerpiece

Whether your planning a dinner party or just looking to spruce up the dining room have I got the centerpiece for you!  Simple to create, kind to your budget, and easy on the eyes. This beauty is my new go-to centerpiece, why?  Because it’s fully customizable to pretty much any color scheme just by mixing up the [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Easy Cheap Appitizers

easy cheap appetizers

I purposely throw parties at odd times during the day, people scratch their heads why, but it’s simple: if you throw a party in between meal times you don’t have to provide a meal; which means you cut your budget in half right off the bat.  Of course no party is complete with out food [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Recycled Water Bottle Chandelier

DIY Wednesday water bottle chandelier

Okay your probably wondering why I am sharing this very spring-ish project with you…well this DIY Water Bottle Chandelier is one of those projects that can morph to fit any season by simply switching up the color of your paint.  I imagine this in all different shades of green with red accents hanging over your [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Easy Inexpensive Dips


Whether your throwing a holiday bash of your own (if you are check out my Ornament Exchange Party Under $50) or attending as a guest (Check out my DIY Hostess Gift Guide) you can show off your culinary skills (don’t worry, no actual skill is required) by whipping up one of these tasty dips, they take minutes, [Read On]

How to Set Your Thanksgiving Table For Less

thanksgiving pin up

Thanksgiving is coming, Thanksgiving is coming!  What am I thankful for this year?  All of you!  Knowing that your out there clicking through and enjoying my amazing sense of humor and saving money all thanks to me makes me so happy.  I’m also thankful that I’m a humble gal, hehehehe.  Here is a great little [Read On]

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Table Settings For Less! A MUST SEE!


  Looking for a kitschy/cozy/fun holiday dish set but don’t want to fork over big money?  Or maybe you would love to have a seasonal dish set for every holiday but can’t afford or store one for every special sit down to dinner occasion.  PROBLEMS SOLVED!  Grab this Corelle Contours Neo Leaf 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service [Read On]

Fast & Budget Friendly Fall Decor

IMAG0343 (1)

I remember as a child always wanting a fireplace, not so Santa could come down it, not for warmth (we gathered in front of the wall heater for that) but solely for the purpose of decorating it.  My favorite season has always been fall, grey skies, rain puddles, orange and red leaves, sweaters, scarves and pea-coats   So it [Read On]

DIY Halloween Decor: Light Up the Night

diy mummy light

Looking to add an eery glow to your haunted house?  Lighting is one of the most important parts of achieving the right ambiance for your Halloween party, porch display, or table setting.  But besides throw around a few candles and turning on the porch light what can you do to make your display spooktacular?  Don’t [Read On]

Easy Halloween Main Course: Mummy Dogs & Vegetarian Mummy Spears!

Mummy Dogs

Halloween is almost upon us and while thinking of sweet treats to serve up is easy, figuring out a main course that will keep little goblins full during the marathon of trick or treating that is about to ensue can be a bit more daunting.  Don’t worry, I have you covered.  Here is a classic twist on [Read On]

Halloween Pumpkin Favor Bags

Pumpkin favor bags

Every year now we circle the neighborhood trick or treating for a solid 45 minutes, our son is four and there for has the stamina and attention span of a kitten.  So once we head home with his candy laden bag we turn on our porch light and sit by the door, carefully sorting our sons candy [Read On]

How To Make Your Pumpkin or Jack-o-Lantern Last and Other Great Carving and Lighting Tips!

pumpkin pin up

One of my little families favorite activities this time of year is carving pumpkins.  But sadly they never seem to make it until Halloween night, and if they do they are molded gnat catchers that stink up the porch.  I know I’m not alone here so I searched high and low for tips that can help us [Read On]

DIY Football Party Decorations: Are You Ready For Some Football?

retro cheerleader

Is the game playing at your house this weekend?  Or maybe you’ve got some high school kids coming over post homecoming…well don’t fumble your party decor like the replacement refs fumbled that call last week!  Wow your pig skin enthusiast guests with these great DIY Football Decorations…I was going to make some comment about them being [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Easy & Inexpensive DIY Halloween Decor

halloween gal

Looking for a way to decorate your house without the horror of spending big bucks  or the inconvenience of spending hours carving pumpkins that attract knats…side bar: I HATE knats…Then grab your bag of candy corn and watch this…genius. what is your favorite way to bring the most spooktacular holiday indoors on a dime? Leave [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Spooky Halloween Candy Buffet

Halloween candy buffet

Surprised to see a Halloween Candy Buffet on  Well then this must be your first time here, welcome.  If you know me you know I LOVE to set up candy buffets at nearly every event I do.  Why?  Because it does triple duty and serves as decor, favor, and activity!  How sweet is that.  Here are [Read On]

Party On! Friday: DIY Sash Tutorial

Bachlorete sash

There are so many great gals getting hitched or celebrating special birthdays or expecting babies right now that my head is spinning!  How can I possibly show them all how special they are?  With Paint Samples, scrap fabric and iron on transfers of course!   Did I loose you there?  Well then you need to [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Snack Stadium DIY Party Platter!

Football Dip Stadium

Football season is upon us!  Our home town high school football team just had their jamboree, and that got me thinking about tailgate parties and having the guys over for football games…not that my hubby watches football…we are a UFC family.  Yes, The Discount Dame occasionally steps out of her polka-dot apron and hangs up her pearls [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Setting the Table, 2 DIY Place-mats That Wow

placemat template

One of the most under utilized and easy ways to make any party pop is by setting the table, and setting it well.   We tend to blow our budgets on things like favors, pinatas, or even centerpieces then just slap a vinyl table-cloth on the table in a matchy-matchy hue or we stick with a [Read On]

DIY Wednesday & Party On! Friday: Back To School Prep


Next week my little guy starts Pre-School so I am taking this week off from DIY Wednesday and Party On! Friday to get him ready.  So take a look around and find some inspiration from weeks gone by.   What do you do to prep your kids/house/self for back to school? This is my first [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Bonfire Party

retro bonfire

Whether you’re heading to the beach or just out the back door a bonfire is a party that screams SUMMER!  The best part is it’s one of the least expensive ways to entertain.  Start post dinner, around 8:00 and use the recipes below along with some marshmallows and sticks to create a fun evening of laid back [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Mickey Mouse Hat Cake

mickey mouse cake

M-I-C See this awesome cake, K-E-Y Why did I pick this as this weeks Party On! Friday DIY idea?   Because it’s delicious and easy, M-O-U-S-E!  Did you know Mickey and all of his classic friends are back?  Yup, after years of being totally irrelevant and Disney focusing on individual movie characters from new releases they have finally curated [Read On]

Free Retro BBQ & Pool Party Invitations!

pin up bbq

It’s time to fire up the grill and hop in the pool!  Not simultaneously though, that could be hazardous to your hotdogs.  Finding free printable invites is such a pain.   So I did the work  for you! All you have to do is: Computer Savvy Gals: Copy and Paste one of the invitations below. [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Summer Camp Party


Looking for a fun way to bust mid-summer boredom?  Why not get the neighborhood kids together for a summer camp party?  Easy to put together, inexpensive, and a whole lot of fun for all ages bring summer camp to your back yard with these great ideas! Invitations There are lots of fun pre-made invites shaped [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Ruffled Streamers, Tablecloths & Cakes Oh My!

ruffled streamers

Time to put a new twist on some old party classics!  Or should I say a new ruffle?  The classic streamer, table vinyl tablecloth and cake get a frilly re-vamp this week and you won’t believe the difference a little gathering will add to your next gathering! DIY Ruffled Streamers are fun, colorful and as [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Favorite Favor Round Up

milke and cookies

  I’ve shared a lot of favor ideas in the past, but these are three of my favorites that I’ve been hoarding for myself…   Cookies and Milk- What is more comforting than cookies and milk?  Whether your hosting a play-date, having a slumber party, or throwing an adult friend a kids party (think bouncy [Read On]

Party On! Friday: 4th of July Party Ideas with Patriotic Pizzazz

4th of july

Happy Birthday America!  It’s time to deck our halls with stars and stripes, fire up the grill, slice the watermelon, march in a parade and wave our flags!  The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays, especially once I got my licensed and stopped riding in the back seat of my [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Light Up Your Life! 5 Paper Lantern How To’s


Summer days are growing longer and warmer and you know what that means!  Time to move the party outdoors!  But decorating for an outdoor fet can cause a few problems, how do you camouflage a not so pretty patio?  Or add light without running wires?  How are you going to match the decorations to your patio [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Madagascar Viewing Party

images (7)

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted hits theaters soon and I was lucky enough to be chosen by Claritin, the number one choice in children’s allergy relief, to host a Madagascar 1 & 2 viewing party!  We had a great time and if your little ones, or you, love Madagascar, the movie, not the continent, then you’ll [Read On]

Party On Friday: Four Graduation and Party Leis You’ll Hula Over!


You don’t have to be one of Elvis’ back up dancers to wear a Lei…Whether your hosting a luau in the back yard, or making a few for the Grad in your life I’ve got you covered!  Here are some great, fun, even unique leis to make your guests or your graduate feel extra special…the good [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Amazing Oreos 4 Ways


Oh-Oh Oreo how do I love thee?  But while eating Oreos in your P.J.’s on the couch while watching a Lifetime movie is perfectly acceptable, serving them up at a party is not…or is it?  Let your Oreo lover flag fly at your next shindig with these  scrumptuously adorable twists on everyone’s favorite creamy centered [Read On]

Party On Friday: Cut Wine Bottles


Recently my nephew got married and he and his now wife were looking for some unique yet frugal wine themed centerpieces…so called me and I found the perfect excuse to try something I’d always wanted to do…cut wine bottles!  These are simple to make, once you do a couple you’ll find it becomes easier and [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Adult Birthday Party Themes

Adult Birthday Themes

Throwing a birthday party for an adult can be challenging.  You don’t want to make it childish but you certainly want to make it festive.  While browsing high and low for adult birthday party themes I found a collection on that feels as classic and sophisticated as they do fun and whimsical.  Not an [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Cinco De Mayo Party For Under $30!


Cinco De Mayo is a day away, but what to do what to do?  Throw a Cinco De Mayo party!  But do it Discount Dame style and spend only $30!  Here is my classic $30 party idea but when you switch out the pinks, oranges, and yellows for green, white, and red and change out [Read On]

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