Merry Christmas to You Frugal Fans, See You in 2014!


The Discount Dame wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that I will be on a much-needed vacation until January 3rd.  Enjoy all of the great after Christmas sales, but more importantly enjoy these last few days of 2013 with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!


*The soft cheer of the Macy’s Day parade wafts in from the front room, The Discount Dame is standing at the kitchen counter in her apron* Happy Thanksgiving guys & dolls!  This year I am thankful for my God, my wonderful little family, and all of you who read and support me here at [Read On]

A Message from The Discount Dame


The Discount Dame is re-cooperating,  re-grouping, and re-charging while she nurses her turkey hangover with coffee and shopping today. Enjoy your Black Friday and remember, more deals are on their way this holiday season, if you don’t get it today you will survive, promise!

McDonald’s: 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know

Field to Restaurant

 “I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for McDonald’s. I attended an event to facilitate my review and received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.” . I recently had the chance to get up close and have a good look at McDonald’s, and when I say close I [Read On]

McDonald’s: 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know

Field to Restaurant

I recently had the chance to get up close and have a good look at McDonald’s, and when I say close I mean in the lettuce fields close.  Not only did I have the pleasure of seeing where their lettuce comes from (FYI it’s kind of in my backyard) I also got to chat with [Read On]

FREE Chick-fil-A July 12th 2013!

eat more chicken

The time has come to bust out your cow-spotted apparel and leave your wallet out to pasture! It’s Cow Appreciation Day aka FREE Chick-fil-A Day! Hit your local Chick-fil-A on Friday, July 12th,  and get a FREE meal if you’re  fully dressed as a cow! “Guests dressed “head-to-hoof” in cow attire will be given a [Read On]

Healthy Graduation Cap Snacks

diy graduation snacks

When my handsome little fellow graduated from preschool I scoured the internet for healthy snacks I could bring for he and his fellow tassel turners under five feet tall.  I found nothing.  The cutest idea out there was a marshmallow, dipped in chocolate, with a chocolate dipped graham cracker on top to make a grad [Read On]

Saving Time & Money On Dishwasher Detergent PLUS Win a New Dishwasher or Kitchen Makeover!

Cascade Platinum Pack Before and After

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. One of the chores that I dread most is washing dishes.  For years I dreamed about the day we would get a dishwasher and when that [Read On]

Artichokes 10 For $1?

Moss Landing Produce Stand

If it’s Sunday afternoon you can bet you’ll find me here at the Farm Fresh Produce Stand off of Highway 1 just before the quaint ocean side town of Moss Landing.  You’ll know that you are at the right produce stand when you see the painted cutouts of over sized artichokes being loaded into an [Read On]

Why You’re Paying Too Much For Groceries: Part One

Don't over pay

Ever feel like the more you try to save on groceries the more you end up spending?  You are not alone.  Manufacturers are looking for new ways every day to make you spend more at the store.  The first thing you should know is that nothing you encounter in the grocery store is an accident. [Read On]

Easy No Bake Peanut Butter Balls

no bake peanut butter balls

My hubby is a big fan of anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate so when I need to butter him up I make him a batch of these No Bake Peanut Butter Balls.  It’s easier than any other recipe I’ve ever tried and kids love them too.   1 (18 oz.) smooth peanut butter [Read On]

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

gluten free sandwich bread

If your family is gluten-free (by choice or necessity) you know probably noticed that dramatic spike in the prices of many everyday essentials.  The biggest issue most gluten busting mommies have is sliced bread.  Something we all take for granted as a go to for on the run or packed meals becomes the bane of [Read On]

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies From Cake Mix!

cake mix cookie

One thing you must know about The Discount Dame is that she LOVES Chocolate Chip Cookies…but has never made a successful batch in her life.  Until last Christmas that is, when I found this gloriously cheap and easy, okay downright fool-proof, recipe!  Who knew all I need was a cake mix to make yummy cookies? [Read On]

Get Red Carpet Ready: Win a Wholly Guacamole & Daily’s Prize Pack valued at over $75!


So last weekend I got together with some great gals, and a couple of their fellas to share in some good company, great food, fabulous drinks, and a little red carpet fun!  Wholly Guacamole had sent me some of their AMAZING Guac and salsa, and a new product I had never tried, their salsa-guacamole mix! [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Three Ultimate Dips


Who doesn’t love a good dip?  Dip is a staple for any type of party your throwing.  It’s also a great way to buy time if your main course is running long in the oven.  It’s also portable enough for pot-lucks and house-warmings.  Okay enough laughing at my terrible photo shopping!  Concentrate instead on the [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Easy Cheap Appitizers

easy cheap appetizers

I purposely throw parties at odd times during the day, people scratch their heads why, but it’s simple: if you throw a party in between meal times you don’t have to provide a meal; which means you cut your budget in half right off the bat.  Of course no party is complete with out food [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Easy Inexpensive Dips


Whether your throwing a holiday bash of your own (if you are check out my Ornament Exchange Party Under $50) or attending as a guest (Check out my DIY Hostess Gift Guide) you can show off your culinary skills (don’t worry, no actual skill is required) by whipping up one of these tasty dips, they take minutes, [Read On]

DIY Twinkies!


Hostess is closing!  Hostess is closing!  If you’re looking for a Twinkie at your local grocery store you are probably S.O.L, even the Hostess Outlet shelves are bare.  But even if Hostess leaves us hanging you know The Discount Dame always has your back, even when it comes to snack cakes.  Here is the top-secret [Read On]

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Table Settings For Less! A MUST SEE!


  Looking for a kitschy/cozy/fun holiday dish set but don’t want to fork over big money?  Or maybe you would love to have a seasonal dish set for every holiday but can’t afford or store one for every special sit down to dinner occasion.  PROBLEMS SOLVED!  Grab this Corelle Contours Neo Leaf 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service [Read On]

Easy Owl Cupcakes

Easy Owl Cupcake

Once a week my sons pre-school teacher bravely goes where no pre-school teacher should have to…into the kitchen with ten four-year olds.  As mommy-helper it was my happy, yet daunting task to come up with an easy DIY Halloween recipe the kids could help with.  That is where these adorably delicious owl cupcakes came into [Read On]

Chocolate Witch’s Hat Cookies

witch's hat cookies chocolate

Do I even need to write anything here?  These chocolate witch’s hat cookies look de-lish!  I mean who doesn’t love chocolate topped with chocolate?

Easy Halloween Main Course: Mummy Dogs & Vegetarian Mummy Spears!

Mummy Dogs

Halloween is almost upon us and while thinking of sweet treats to serve up is easy, figuring out a main course that will keep little goblins full during the marathon of trick or treating that is about to ensue can be a bit more daunting.  Don’t worry, I have you covered.  Here is a classic twist on [Read On]

Chocolate Covered Mummy Cookies

Mummy Cookies

Guess who signed up for snack day at my son’s school this Halloween? Yup, this dame. While pondering what ghoulishly good treats I should whip up for the little whippersnappers I found this adorable idea: Mummy Cookies! What do I love about these easy to make yummy mummy treats? I already have all of the [Read On]

DIY Football Party Decorations: Are You Ready For Some Football?

retro cheerleader

Is the game playing at your house this weekend?  Or maybe you’ve got some high school kids coming over post homecoming…well don’t fumble your party decor like the replacement refs fumbled that call last week!  Wow your pig skin enthusiast guests with these great DIY Football Decorations…I was going to make some comment about them being [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Snack Stadium DIY Party Platter!

Football Dip Stadium

Football season is upon us!  Our home town high school football team just had their jamboree, and that got me thinking about tailgate parties and having the guys over for football games…not that my hubby watches football…we are a UFC family.  Yes, The Discount Dame occasionally steps out of her polka-dot apron and hangs up her pearls [Read On]

How to Eat For Two Weeks on $45! The Discount Dame What’s in My Cart Meal Plan!

August $45 Shopping Trip

So I’ve gotten a few requests from readers to share what’s in my grocery cart, what is my weekly meal plan and how much I paid…well here you go.  This is my weekly grocery trip, although this one is a fairly large trip and with the exception of milk my family of three will be [Read On]

Free Food: Where to Find it When You Need it


The Discount Dame firmly believes that no one should ever have to go hungry, of all the hardships in life, that to me is the least necessary.  We live in an agriculturally abundant country and have more than enough to go around.  So today I would like to share a list of Food Banks where [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Mickey Mouse Hat Cake

mickey mouse cake

M-I-C See this awesome cake, K-E-Y Why did I pick this as this weeks Party On! Friday DIY idea?   Because it’s delicious and easy, M-O-U-S-E!  Did you know Mickey and all of his classic friends are back?  Yup, after years of being totally irrelevant and Disney focusing on individual movie characters from new releases they have finally curated [Read On]

Fine Dining on a Dime: Rosemary Pork Roast, Cheese Risotto and Green Beans Under $10!

Fine Dining On a Dime

Fine Dining on a Dime is the wonderful work of The Discount Dame’s dear, and culinarily gifted, friend Shanneen.  Be prepared to make this meal and have your mind blown darling, you are in for a treat! (yes I made the word culinarily up, it’s my blog, I do what I want, but feel free to [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: 5 S’more Ways to Make S’mores You Won’t Believe!


Nothing says summer quite like s’mores.  Whether they are wrapping up a backyard barbecue or the centerpiece of a campfire, S’mores are synonymous with warm evenings and roaring fires.  But why not try a new twist on this classic, and more often than not, messy treat?  Here are some of my favorite ideas for taking this summer time snack to the [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Amazing Oreos 4 Ways


Oh-Oh Oreo how do I love thee?  But while eating Oreos in your P.J.’s on the couch while watching a Lifetime movie is perfectly acceptable, serving them up at a party is not…or is it?  Let your Oreo lover flag fly at your next shindig with these  scrumptuously adorable twists on everyone’s favorite creamy centered [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Two Ingredient Cupcakes, Lemon Bars, and Cookies

Cupcake Gal

So you’re child came home and informed you that the school bake sale is tomorrow…Or maybe you forgot today is your besties birthday and she’s on her way over…Or you burned the cupcakes because you got caught up browsing Pinterest…Whatever the reason for your sudden need for baked goods I have you covered!  No eggs [Read On]

Party On! Friday: St. Patrick’s Day With a Twist

images (2)

Top o’Muffin to ya!  Er, I mean morning…But aren’t muffin tops the best?  The pastry, not the over filling of jeans.   Okay, back to St. Patty’s Day, I was thinking about hosting a pub crawl this year when I realized my four-year old probably wouldn’t enjoy that…so I clicked around and found these great, [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Let Them Eat Pie!

retro woman and man holding pie dishes

For years I lived under the misconception that I didn’t like pie…boy was I missing out!  Pies are wonderful in a way few foods are, they are truly a food that is meant to be shared.  The ancient Egyptians are credited with creating the first pie around 9500 BC and loved the sweet little self-contained [Read On]

Party On Friday: Rockets, Trains, Purses, and Castles Oh My! DIY Cakes To Die For!


Looking for a show stopping birthday cake?  I know I am!  My little guy turns four next month and I’ve been combing the web for ideas on how to make is birthday dessert pop.  I’m not using any of these but they are so cute I just had to share!  CLICK HERE to see the full [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Indoor Camp Out Treats


While it’s still to chilly to break out the tent and hit the trails you can enjoy all the fun that goes with camping right in your own living room!  These ideas are great for a family fun night or a sleep over for the kiddos.  So build a fire (in the fireplace) and get [Read On]

Party On! Friday: Perfect Popcorn Balls

popcorn balls

Popcorn Balls.  A family favorite on my mother’s side and the perfect way to serve up some sweet at your holiday party or pot luck.  Legend has it, and yes there is a popcorn ball legend, that they invented themselves.  It started back in the 1800′s in Nebraska on a small farm…I like to think [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Red Wine Jelly

red wine jelly jars

This time of year as the weather gets colder and the leaves begin to fall is my favorite time to can.  Can?  Can can can you do the can-can?  No not the dance!  If Canning is a foreign term to you it’s the process of preserving food in pretty little glass jars.  The only canning I’ve ever [Read On]

Party On! Halloween Candy Apples

candy apples

What is more all american than apple pie?  Candied apples at Halloween that’s what!  Now giving out home made goodies is no longer the norm, and most parents wouldn’t let their kids take unwrapped candy from a stranger.  But if your wondering what to do for those family friend trick or treaters: Candied Apples!  Little Timmy needs a Halloween party [Read On]

Party On! Friday: DIY NO BAKE Cake Pops!

cake pops

DIY No Bake Cake Pops Is it Friday already?  What better way to celebrate the end of the week than with a sweet treat!  I love the look and fun factor of a cake pop, but the whole process of baking the cake, crumbling the cake, adding the icing, rolling the cake balls, chilling the [Read On]

Party On! Friday: The $30 Party


August 26th The $30 Dollar Party Who doesn’t love a good party?  Okay, who loves paying through the nose for tacky decorations?  Yeah didn’t think that second would be too popular.  Let me try again.  Who loves spending hours prepping food the night before and morning of and not actually enjoying the shin dig?  Not [Read On]

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