DIY Parchment Paper Candle Holders

diy candle holder parchment

Every other week, Anna Hezel talks about the innovations, decorations, and other quiet touches that make a party memorable. Today: Get your candles into party gear with just some parchment paper, glue, and a pair of scissors.    If you’re anything like me, you spend the week before a big party walking in the same circles around [Read On]

Merry Christmas to You Frugal Fans, See You in 2014!


The Discount Dame wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that I will be on a much-needed vacation until January 3rd.  Enjoy all of the great after Christmas sales, but more importantly enjoy these last few days of 2013 with those you love.

5 Travel Tips Everyone Should Know this Holiday Season

Santa riding on christmas light

Are you headed over the hill and through the woods to grandma’s house this Christmas?  Or maybe your leaving on a jet plane?  Either way here are my top 5 travel tips that everyone should know this holiday season: -Traveling by car to Grandma’s house this year? .  Pulling into the first station off the interstate [Read On]

Happy Thanksgiving!


*The soft cheer of the Macy’s Day parade wafts in from the front room, The Discount Dame is standing at the kitchen counter in her apron* Happy Thanksgiving guys & dolls!  This year I am thankful for my God, my wonderful little family, and all of you who read and support me here at [Read On]

A Message from The Discount Dame


The Discount Dame is re-cooperating,  re-grouping, and re-charging while she nurses her turkey hangover with coffee and shopping today. Enjoy your Black Friday and remember, more deals are on their way this holiday season, if you don’t get it today you will survive, promise!

DIY Fire Starters: Never Buy Lighter Fluid Again!

DIY Fire Starters

There is nothing worse than a hotdog that tastes like lighter fluid.  Starting a fire without it though can be a struggle, especially if you didn’t bring your own kindling, and who has room for that in the already loaded down car.  Newspaper works, ish, but is a pain to deal with…what’s a savvy camper [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Weight Loss Tracker

Pounds Lost

In case you didn’t know The Discount Dame is part of the #NSNation as a Nutrisystem Blogger!  I’ve already lost three pounds and five inches in my first week, woot!  I need to stay motivated and so I adapted the rewards system I created for my son (read more about that by clicking here) into [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Magnetic Chalkboard

DIY Chalkboard Cabinet 4

Pinterest, thou art a cold-hearted b!+@%!  I found two crafts I decided to try from Pinterest, and well, they were not as easy as they looked.  The first is the Magnetic Chalkboard I”m going to share with you today and the second is the Ice Cream Cone Tea Cup that will be featured on Party [Read On]

Easy No Bake Peanut Butter Balls

no bake peanut butter balls

My hubby is a big fan of anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate so when I need to butter him up I make him a batch of these No Bake Peanut Butter Balls.  It’s easier than any other recipe I’ve ever tried and kids love them too.   1 (18 oz.) smooth peanut butter [Read On]

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies From Cake Mix!

cake mix cookie

One thing you must know about The Discount Dame is that she LOVES Chocolate Chip Cookies…but has never made a successful batch in her life.  Until last Christmas that is, when I found this gloriously cheap and easy, okay downright fool-proof, recipe!  Who knew all I need was a cake mix to make yummy cookies? [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Discipline and Reward System


We have reached a point in our house where the Time Out alone is just not effective.  I knew this day would come eventually, I just didn’t know it would come before my sons 5th birthday!  Since starting Preschool in the fall my son has picked up some bad habits, he’s also exhibited some only [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Oopsie Box

oopsie box 2

I have one child, but you’d never know it by looking at our house!  Between the toy box in the living room spilling over, the play kitchen in the dining room running amok, and the toy bins, book shelf, and train table turned pirate & castle table in his room spewing copious amounts of “stuff” you’d think I [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Cupcake Bath Bombs + FREE Printable Tag!

bath bomb

There is nothing better than a relaxing bath, of course as a mommy I don’t get nearly enough of them.  Don’t worry I’m not running around town with a fog of green stink around me, but usually a 10 minute shower is all that I can manage (interrupted by “have you seen my socks?” and “Do [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: ALL Candy Easter Basket!

Candy Easter Basket

Let the sugar high begin!  Easter is on its way and what better way to ring in the assention of Christ than with a candy hangover that will last for days?  I knew you’d be with me.  This year I decided to make my little guy and ALL Candy Easter Basket, the whole thing took [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: $10 Baby Shower!


I was recently walking through my local Dollar Tree and found everything you would need to throw a beautiful baby shower (or pretty girl’s birthday party) for around $10! Start with two packs of these pretty floral plates and a pack of white plastic flatware. Grab a couple of these butterfly centerpieces, butterflies not you [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Sleep Mask Curls…No Heat!

sleep mask curls

This is my new favorite way to get my hair done in a hurry!  Get lovely movie-star style curls in five minutes the night before and just two minutes in the morning!!!  It’s easier to show you than it is to type out instructions so here you go:   What is your fave hair trick that saves [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: No Sew Superhero Capes

No Sew Superhero Cape

My son’s birthday is rapidly approaching, and if you’ve ever attended one of his parties, or you’ve read any of my party how-to’s you know that I tend to go a little overboard.  I won’t apologize for it, it’s just who I am and what I do, and as long as I do it on a budget [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Picture Frame Chalkboard

diy picture frame chalkboard

Who doesn’t have an extra picture frame or two laying around?  This girl.  I’m a framed photo fanatic…I try to rotate them out so that my house doesn’t look like a walk-in yearbook, but I might just have to bump a few pictures to make room for a couple of these adorable Picture frame chalkboards! [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Coffee Bean Necklace

Coffee Bean Necklace

Looking for a way to rock your love of coffee for the world to see?  Well you could buy a cast coffee bean necklace for $95…or you could make your own in three easy steps for less than a buck. Photo Credit What You’ll Need A Coffee Bean (I recommend making a few of these at once, [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Tooth Brush Holder

DIY Toothbrush Holder

How many of you have struggled trying to clean out the grime from the bottom of your toothbrush holder?  If you haven’t:  go in your bathroom right now and shine a flashlight down into those little holes…and thank your lucky stars your near the toilet because your going to want to heave when you see the [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Up-Cycled Christmas Crafts

Up-cycled Christmas Crafts

Deck the halls without breaking your bank!   I’ve got two great DIY up-cycled holiday decor ideas that will help you do just that. You’ll love these easy uber affordable projects that you can do with the kids by yourself or as part of group therapy. Here is an amazing Coffee Filter Wreath it may [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: No Sew Stockings

diy no sew stockings

While bee-bopping around yesterday I came across some great ideas for DIY stockings…the only problem is, this is hard to confess, I’m not a very good seamstress.  I can hand sew, but me and the Singer Sewing Machine, we get along as well as the Sharks and the Jets (ala West Side Story, rent it if [Read On]

DIY Twinkies!


Hostess is closing!  Hostess is closing!  If you’re looking for a Twinkie at your local grocery store you are probably S.O.L, even the Hostess Outlet shelves are bare.  But even if Hostess leaves us hanging you know The Discount Dame always has your back, even when it comes to snack cakes.  Here is the top-secret [Read On]

Uses for Halloween Candy


So now that the costumes are hung back in closet and your jack-o-lanterns are nothing but a soggy stain on your porch your probably wondering how your going to get your kids (and your hubby/self) to ration out the remaining Halloween candy.  Well darling I have a couple of ideas for you:   DIY Advent [Read On]

Easy Owl Cupcakes

Easy Owl Cupcake

Once a week my sons pre-school teacher bravely goes where no pre-school teacher should have to…into the kitchen with ten four-year olds.  As mommy-helper it was my happy, yet daunting task to come up with an easy DIY Halloween recipe the kids could help with.  That is where these adorably delicious owl cupcakes came into [Read On]

Chocolate Witch’s Hat Cookies

witch's hat cookies chocolate

Do I even need to write anything here?  These chocolate witch’s hat cookies look de-lish!  I mean who doesn’t love chocolate topped with chocolate?

Chocolate Covered Mummy Cookies

Mummy Cookies

Guess who signed up for snack day at my son’s school this Halloween? Yup, this dame. While pondering what ghoulishly good treats I should whip up for the little whippersnappers I found this adorable idea: Mummy Cookies! What do I love about these easy to make yummy mummy treats? I already have all of the [Read On]

The Birds Melanie Daniels Do It Yourself Costume

images (4)

Looking for a fun, easy, slightly spooky Do it yourself Halloween costume?  Why not take your turn playing the iconic San Francisco Aristocrat Melanie Daniels from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds!  Easy, and affordable here are all of the pieces you’ll need (you probably have most of them already!       Start off by raiding [Read On]

Do It Yourself Cereal Box Stars

cereal box stars

It’s Wednesday!  I was planning on sharing another DIY (do it yourself) Halloween project this week BUT I saw these oh-so-adorable Cereal Box Stars that my childhood friend Jorie Cooley made last week and I just had to share them with you!  I love that they require so little to make, and are so light [Read On]

Morton Salt Girl Halloween Costume

Mortin Salt Girl

Looking for a fun, easy costume that you can break down and wear again and again?  Well do I have the perfect idea for you!  Why not go as everyone’s salty little darling the Morton Salt Girl!  What makes this costume extra special is that each piece can be worn again and again seperately to punch up [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Fall In Love with DIY Hoop Earrings!

hoop earring

Okay, I’m a little bit embarrassed I didn’t come up with this on my own, seriously.  I mean my ears aren’t pierced but c’mon, these are so easy to make I just might have to whip up a few pairs for Christmas this year!   Check out a great step by step on how to put these sweet DIY [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Easy Elegant DIY Wall Art!

Wall Hanging

 Okay, I am in love with this project.  I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again.  What can I say, I love too much, is that so bad?  Now that we’ve gone over my issues with wearing my crafty heart on my DIY sleeve let’s talk about this Easy Elegant DIY [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Un-be-leaf-able Leaf Garland

diy garland

Whether you’re looking to use real leaves you gather outside with the kiddo’s or fun felt creations of your own this DIY Leaf Garland is an easy way to add some fall flair to any space in your home, cubical, or classroom.  I’m whipping one of these up for my fireplace mantel, and maybe I’ll [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Nature Inspired Up-Cycled DIY Candle Holders

split pea candle holders

Fall is almost here!  It just so happens to be The Discount Dame’s favorite season and in honor of all the naturally beautiful things you can find outside right now the next few weeks of DIY Wednesday are going to be all about bringing bits of autumn nature in doors, with an emphasis on cozy, warm, textures [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Back to School Flower Pot Teacher’s Gift

crayon flower pot

Nothing brings to mind back to school like a fresh set of Crayola Crayons, am I right?  Why not treat the teacher, or yourself, to a little crayon decor.  Walmart had crayons on sale for $.50 per 24 pack this week when I went so I grabbed a few packs and made this gift for [Read On]

DIY Wednesday & Party On! Friday: Back To School Prep


Next week my little guy starts Pre-School so I am taking this week off from DIY Wednesday and Party On! Friday to get him ready.  So take a look around and find some inspiration from weeks gone by.   What do you do to prep your kids/house/self for back to school? This is my first [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Cardigan Clips


Okay, so I”m no Glee-k, I’ve never actually watched an entire episode.  Wow, I can almost actually hear the gasps.  I do however LOVE this gal’s style (see, I don’t even know her name).  I have been envying her Cardigan Clips since I first saw them, wondering what amazingly expensive antique boutique the costume designer trolls and [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Back to School Wreath

back to school wreath

Looking for a way to get on the teacher’s good side?  Or maybe you are anxiously counting down the days until school starts and you can finally drink your coffee in peace.   Either way this Back to School Wreath would make a great gift or countdown tracker.  Time to hit the back to school [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Shadow Boxes On A Dime (no hammer needed)


Looking for a place to stash your treasures?  Or maybe you just want to add some visual interest to your walls?  Or maybe you’re a mild hoarder who has  mementos and collections taking up precious drawer and closet space?  Well I have the cure!  Shadow boxes.  If you head to your local Ikea you’ll shell out $9.99 [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Easy Inexpensive Shoe Embelishments

embelished shoes

  Do your Kicks need some kick?  Are your loafers looking loathsome?  Well doll let’s spend a few minutes, and very few dollars and breathe some new life into them! These Retro & Romantic Shoe Clips are a great way to re-purpose vintage earrings and can  be changed from shoe to shoe very easily…I am making [Read On]

Your Bathroom, Only Prettier- Part 3: Accessories

retro woman in tub

Bathroom Accessories cost an arm and a leg, which is no good for someone like me who likes to mix things up at least once a year.  Is your bathroom due for a face lift?  Forget the new cabinets and run of the mill store-bought cookie cutter accessories, you can DIY (Do It Yourself) for [Read On]

Your Bathroom Only Prettier- Part Two: Let’s Get Organized

retro woman in tub

Ah, the bathroom, also known as the powder room.  Although we no longer powder our noses we do house quite a few powder like accoutrements in that tiny space we call the water closet, or once called it.  It’s easy to let your beautification products ugly up your bathroom…who knew hygiene could be so messy?  But have no [Read On]

Your Bathroom, Only Prettier- Part 1: Cabinets, Mirrors and Floors! Oh My!

retro woman in tub

When you think about remodeling your bathroom you start with your cabinets, Mirrors, and Floors right?  Well we’re not remodeling, we are re-vamping, but we’re going to start in the same spot.  Don’t worry, you won’t be buying anything new, except maybe some paint or stain, and don’t worry, The Discount Dame does not do [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: 5 S’more Ways to Make S’mores You Won’t Believe!


Nothing says summer quite like s’mores.  Whether they are wrapping up a backyard barbecue or the centerpiece of a campfire, S’mores are synonymous with warm evenings and roaring fires.  But why not try a new twist on this classic, and more often than not, messy treat?  Here are some of my favorite ideas for taking this summer time snack to the [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Four Flip Flop Makeovers That Will Knock Your Socks Off


Not for long sister!  It’s flip-flop season! So you found the perfect bathing suite, or the greatest little summer dress but can’t seem to find flip-flops that match.  Or maybe you recently broke a flip-flop and need a way to repair it while uping the style quotient.  Better yet maybe you’re getting hitched this summer [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Yard Sale Signs, Price Tags, & More

retro yard sale

So you’ve decided to haul your unwanted lightly loved belongings out into the yard or driveway and turn them into cash.  Good for you for being green while making space and money.  But you are not the scribbled black marker on cardboard kinda gal, no you know that first impressions are everything and having great [Read On]

DIY Wednesday:Phone Caddies for Charging and The Car

woman on phone

I recently broke my cell phone charger…I knew I was not alone.  I’m sure many of you out there have suffered the loss of a good cell phone charger, or cell phone, in the charging process.  That is why I scoured the internet looking for the best DIY charging caddies.  These senseless acts of phone [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: 3 FREE/Cheap Beauty Tools You Must Have

retro women primping

Is your morning primping routine getting a bit repetitive?  Mine too, or at least is was before I found these great DIY (Do It Yourself) tools and tricks for making the beautification process fresh and fun!  You’ll love making these great beauty finds as much as you’ll using them and saving with them!  There is no [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: Make Your Own Ring Box and Ring Sizer!

DIY Ring Box

  Looking for a great way to store and display your rings?  Try this easy and inexpensive Ring Display, not only is it fun and simple to make it’s fully customizable to match any decor.  I’d love to use an antique garage sale find frame and some pretty floral print to up the vintage factor…or [Read On]

DIY Wednesday: 6 Home Made Rings That Rock!

DIY Rings

Time to put some rings on your fingers, don’t worry though, no bells on your toes.  How on earth would you get your stockings on?  Nothing spiffs up an outfit quite like a statement accessory.  This week I am focused on the wide world of rings, and as usual when it comes to accessories I [Read On]

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