Coupons Decoded! How to Read Manufacturer, Catalina, Store, and Printable Coupons

How to read coupons

For anyone whose ever stared blankly at a coupon wondered what on earth it all means:

How to Save: When Shopping Online

Discount Dame University

Here are some of my favorite ways to save big when shopping online: Be sure to remove your credit card number from all of your online shopping accounts.  It’s easy to overspend when everything is just one click away, but if you have to hunt down your credit or debit card and enter in all [Read On]

Merry Christmas to You Frugal Fans, See You in 2014!


The Discount Dame wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that I will be on a much-needed vacation until January 3rd.  Enjoy all of the great after Christmas sales, but more importantly enjoy these last few days of 2013 with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!


*The soft cheer of the Macy’s Day parade wafts in from the front room, The Discount Dame is standing at the kitchen counter in her apron* Happy Thanksgiving guys & dolls!  This year I am thankful for my God, my wonderful little family, and all of you who read and support me here at [Read On]

A Message from The Discount Dame


The Discount Dame is re-cooperating,  re-grouping, and re-charging while she nurses her turkey hangover with coffee and shopping today. Enjoy your Black Friday and remember, more deals are on their way this holiday season, if you don’t get it today you will survive, promise!

How to Load a Dishwasher


Save Hundreds With One Word…

retro wonder woman

You don’t need a lasso of truth to know that one word will save you  hundreds this summer…that word is NO. We all do things, go places, and volunteer when we’d rather not.  Being a Wonder Woman who bakes for the bake sale, shuttles the kids, takes classes, works, crafts, and hosts everything is not [Read On]

Saving Time & Money On Dishwasher Detergent PLUS Win a New Dishwasher or Kitchen Makeover!

Cascade Platinum Pack Before and After

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. One of the chores that I dread most is washing dishes.  For years I dreamed about the day we would get a dishwasher and when that [Read On]

Why You’re Paying Too Much For Groceries: Part Three

Which Item is Cheaper

Picture it, you’re at the store, you’re on a budget.  You need cereal, your hubby has requested Rice Crispi’s but you don’t have a coupon for them, your stock pile at home is Rice Krispy-less and you know if you return without some crispy-goodness it’s going to be a long morning…every morning…  So what’s a frugal gal [Read On]

Artichokes 10 For $1?

Moss Landing Produce Stand

If it’s Sunday afternoon you can bet you’ll find me here at the Farm Fresh Produce Stand off of Highway 1 just before the quaint ocean side town of Moss Landing.  You’ll know that you are at the right produce stand when you see the painted cutouts of over sized artichokes being loaded into an [Read On]

Why You’re Paying Too Much For Groceries: Part Two

Best Value1

Let’s play a little game, answer this question: Fact or Fiction: Brand names are more expensive than store brands. If you answered Fiction, you are correct. If you answered Fact, you are not alone, stores have spent years and millions convincing you their brands are always the best value.  But that isn’t always the case. [Read On]

Why You’re Paying Too Much For Groceries: Part One

Don't over pay

Ever feel like the more you try to save on groceries the more you end up spending?  You are not alone.  Manufacturers are looking for new ways every day to make you spend more at the store.  The first thing you should know is that nothing you encounter in the grocery store is an accident. [Read On]

Diaper Deals: In Store & Online


My little guy is not so little any more, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you mommies out there with diaper clad little lads!  Or Pampers covered princess for that matter.  You can CLICK HERE to find all the best diaper deals this week.

Scratched Disney DVDs or BlueRays? Get a FREE Replacement!

Free Disney DVD replacement program

If you have kids you have scratched DVDs or Blue-rays  just like you have stains on the carpet, a plethora of mismatched plastic cups, and a few dozen Cheerios hiding in your car.  I can’t help you find those Cheerios, although it’s a safe bet there are some under the car-seat and between the seats, but I can [Read On]

Discount Dame Kids Grocery List

Woman with kids shopping

I got a request this week to share what my son’s grocery list looks like, so here it is.  This is a real life saver at the store, it keeps him busy, keeps me sane, and helps him master his colors, shapes, foods, and works on letter sounds as well as math.  Take that Sesame [Read On]

Dollar Tree’s New Coupon Policy!

dollar tree logo

  IN-STORE COUPON ACCEPTANCE: GUIDELINES & LIMITATIONS DOLLAR TREE WILL ACCEPT COUPONS IN STORES BEGINNING SUNDAY, AUGUST 26, 2012 Only original and intact manufacturers’ coupons will be accepted. Retailer-specific coupons will not be accepted. Coupons are void if copied, scanned, or if they have been altered in any way. Only two (2) print-at-home Internet coupons [Read On]

Discount Dame University: Attention Safeway Shoppers, A J4U Crash Course Lesson 2: The Coupon Center

Discount Dame University

While I still use paper coupons (printed at home and from the Sunday paper) I do use a lot less at Safeway and end up saving a lot more.  You’re asking yourself if The Discount Dame just made a typo or if you read that last sentence wrong.  Nope and nope.  With the J4U Coupon Center I [Read On]

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