Coupons Decoded! How to Read Manufacturer, Catalina, Store, and Printable Coupons

How to read coupons

For anyone whose ever stared blankly at a coupon wondered what on earth it all means:

How to Save: When Shopping Online

Discount Dame University

Here are some of my favorite ways to save big when shopping online: Be sure to remove your credit card number from all of your online shopping accounts.  It’s easy to overspend when everything is just one click away, but if you have to hunt down your credit or debit card and enter in all [Read On]

How To Find Your Slow Money Drips


Are you a coffee addict? Can you pass a drive through with a green mermaid above it without getting the shakes? Well that Soy White Peppermint Mocha extra hot with Whip and a double shot of espresso might be setting you back more than you think… Most of us are blissfully unaware of how much [Read On]

Merry Christmas to You Frugal Fans, See You in 2014!


The Discount Dame wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that I will be on a much-needed vacation until January 3rd.  Enjoy all of the great after Christmas sales, but more importantly enjoy these last few days of 2013 with those you love.

A Message from The Discount Dame


The Discount Dame is re-cooperating,  re-grouping, and re-charging while she nurses her turkey hangover with coffee and shopping today. Enjoy your Black Friday and remember, more deals are on their way this holiday season, if you don’t get it today you will survive, promise!

Why You’re Paying Too Much For Groceries: Part Three

Which Item is Cheaper

Picture it, you’re at the store, you’re on a budget.  You need cereal, your hubby has requested Rice Crispi’s but you don’t have a coupon for them, your stock pile at home is Rice Krispy-less and you know if you return without some crispy-goodness it’s going to be a long morning…every morning…  So what’s a frugal gal [Read On]

Why You’re Paying Too Much For Groceries: Part Two

Best Value1

Let’s play a little game, answer this question: Fact or Fiction: Brand names are more expensive than store brands. If you answered Fiction, you are correct. If you answered Fact, you are not alone, stores have spent years and millions convincing you their brands are always the best value.  But that isn’t always the case. [Read On]

Why You’re Paying Too Much For Groceries: Part One

Don't over pay

Ever feel like the more you try to save on groceries the more you end up spending?  You are not alone.  Manufacturers are looking for new ways every day to make you spend more at the store.  The first thing you should know is that nothing you encounter in the grocery store is an accident. [Read On]

Diaper Deals: In Store & Online


My little guy is not so little any more, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you mommies out there with diaper clad little lads!  Or Pampers covered princess for that matter.  You can CLICK HERE to find all the best diaper deals this week.

Get a Children’s Advil and an Adult 50 Count Advil For $1.29!!!

An exciting idea black and white woman

Hey there guys and dolls check out how you can grab a Children’s Advil and an adult 50 count Advil for just $1.29! In case you need the visual here are my receipts so you can see how it all works out.  I forgot to mention in the video that I used a $.50 off your purchase [Read On]

Discount Dame Kids Grocery List

Woman with kids shopping

I got a request this week to share what my son’s grocery list looks like, so here it is.  This is a real life saver at the store, it keeps him busy, keeps me sane, and helps him master his colors, shapes, foods, and works on letter sounds as well as math.  Take that Sesame [Read On]

How The Discount Dame Does Starbucks for $6 a Week


I head to my local Starbucks three times a week, pretty much every week.  It’s where I go while my son is at Preschool to work on  In the beginning I was spending a pretty penny on my Grande Soy White Peppermint Mocha with Whip.  Three fancy coffees a week can run upwards of [Read On]

The Discount Dame Stockpile


You don’t have to convert your garage, basement, or kid’s bedroom into a mini-mart to enjoy the benefits of stockpiling.  Here’s a look at my stockpile in our spare bedroom closet.

Multiple Transactions: 5 Steps to Success

images (5)

Dictionary Definition Multiple: Having more than one element, part, component, or function Transaction: The act of conducting or carrying out   Discount Dame Definition Multiple Transactions: grouping items in a specific way to save the most money during a single trip to the store. Application When preparing for your trip ask yourself these questions Do any items need to be purchased together to [Read On]

Earn FREE Starbucks, Barnes&Noble, Groupon, & Gift Cards at!


I appreciate my readers, I do, each and every one of you, all seven!  Especially you mom, hehehe.  For months I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to tell you all how much I care…and then it hit me!   Fruit baskets for everyone!   But then I remembered I don’t know all [Read On]

Free Food: Where to Find it When You Need it


The Discount Dame firmly believes that no one should ever have to go hungry, of all the hardships in life, that to me is the least necessary.  We live in an agriculturally abundant country and have more than enough to go around.  So today I would like to share a list of Food Banks where [Read On]

Couponing For Beginner’s Series Part 4: Prepping For Your First Trip

Old Film Tape

Here is Part 4 of the Couponing For Beginner’s Series: Prepping For Your First Shopping Trip

Couponing For Beginner’s Video Series Part 3: Coupon Slang and Secret Code

Old Film Tape

Now that you have coupons and you’ve organized them your going to have to understand them, and they often speak a different language!  Learn the slang and secret code associated with couponing in Part 3 of the Beginner’s Guide!

Buying American Made Products Just Got Easier!

rosie the riveter

These days it’s hard to find products that are manufactured in the United States, or at least it used to be.  Finding out which companies are skipping the outsourcing and focusing on keeping jobs here just got a whole lot easier!  It’s time to flex our muscle, as domestic engineers (aka moms, wives, and shopoholics) [Read On]

Beginner’s Guide Part Two: Organizing Your Coupons

Old Film Tape

Hey there guys and dolls!  Now that you know where to find coupons what are you going to do with them?  Keeping organized is easy once you find your coupon organization style.  That’s where Part Two: Organizing your coupons comes in.  I give you an all access look at my coupon binder and organizational system [Read On]

Couponing BeginnersSeries Part 1; Where to Get Coupons

Old Film Tape

[vsw id="TV1ii07ZEXA" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

Your First Time, Couponing That Is…

man and woman looking coy hugging black and white

Your first time couponing is a lot like your “First Time”…it can either be a sweet experience you treasure the memory of for years to come…or an awkward spur of the moment disaster that makes you wince every time you think about it.  Except this time it’s all on you.  Don’t expect to be couponing [Read On]

The 10 Commandments of Couponing

biblical lady

Follow these rules and you’ll be on your way stress free saving.  Break them and well you’ll feel like your couponing with Dante’ in the inferno…okay so maybe that’s a bit dramatic…but really these are the tried and true rules I coupon by. I. Thou Shall Not Buy What Thy Will Not Use I found [Read On]

Help I Need a Translator: A Guide to Coupon Slang and Secret Code

woman thinking really hard

I stacked a BOGO with a $1/2 from the 7/12 RP exp 8/31/11 plus got an ECB  for $3.  If you read that and thought either A) I went to MIT or B) I had a minor stroke, this article is for you!  Couponing has it’s own language and if your new to the game [Read On]

Getting Coupons: To Beg, Steal, or Borrow?

woman stealing paper

There are many places to find Coupons.  To me none are as valuable as the Saturday paper!  In most places across the US coupons are sent out in the Sunday paper but we get them one day early (lucky us).  I do not personally subscribe to the newspaper, which is very unusual for a couponer.  [Read On]

Binder Set Up, Building Your New Bestie

coupon binder

The first thing you’re going to want to do is set up a binder.  A binder is a great way to keep your coupons where you can see them, sort them quickly, and keep them portable.  I set my binder up using the following method, but feel free to customize your binder to suite your needs. Supplies: [Read On]

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