Beginners Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of Couponing!  

Couponing is a game, it’s fun to prep if you know how, and it’s thrilling to walk out of the store with free stuff or even a receipt that says you saved 60% to 80% .  But like any game you have to know the rules to play  so be sure to check out all of the articles on this page.  These will help you pass Go and collect 200 coupons, buy park place for 80% off and please the banker…Okay so I over did it with the Monopoly puns, sorry it came off so Par-cheezey ;)

Getting Coupons: to beg, steal, or borrow:

Binder Set Up, Building Your New Bestie

The 10 Commandments of Couponing

Your First Time, Couponing That Is

Help I Need a Translator:A Guide to Couponing Slang & Secret Code

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