After Christmas Shopping Tips

 ’Tis the season for Christmas left overs and 75% off!  We all know that Christmas decor is on clearance now that the holiday has passed, but what else can you score on the cheap this week?
-Clothing is the most returned gift, so while you’re returning that Rudolph seater with the blinking nose Nana gave you scope out the sales at retailers like Target & Macy’s who are notorious for offering deep discounts on clearance items this time of year.
-If you’re in the market for some bling now is the time to pick that up as well.  Overstocked jewelry cases of left over holiday baubles will have to be cleared out to make room as Valentine’s Day approaches.
-Winter coats will start appearing on sales racks soon.  Buy one size larger than your child’s current size and stash it in the closet until next year.
-Video games reach their lowest prices of the year post -Christmas, and if you head a specialty gamers store like GameStop you can pick up used copies for even less.
-January has been the month of for linen sales for almost a century…who knew?  So if a new duvet is in your future start checking your weekly sales ads now.
-If you really want to save big you’ll dig that tattered Christmas list from the bottom of your purse and head out with next years holiday in mind.  By shopping for next years gifts now you can save around 50%-75% off of every gift you buy!  You may have to eat Ramen Noodles for the next two weeks but next December you’ll thank me.
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