Healthy Graduation Cap Snacks

When my handsome little fellow graduated from preschool I scoured the internet for healthy snacks I could bring for he and his fellow tassel turners under five feet tall.  I found nothing.  The cutest idea out there was a marshmallow, dipped in chocolate, with a chocolate dipped graham cracker on top to make a grad cap with a licorice tassel…if you’ve ever been around a mob of 24 preschoolers you know the last thing you want to do is sugar them up like that.  So I modified the hat with some healthier options!  It’s super easy, I made them the day of to avoid soggy cracker syndrome in the fridge.

What You’ll Need: 

  • Unsalted Saltine Style Crackers
  • Low Fat Cream Cheese
  • Cucumber
  • Sliced cheese singles
  • Sharp Knife

Step One:

Cut cucumber into to thick quarter-inch slices.

Step Two: 

Spread cream cheese in thin layer over cucumber and gently but firmly press cracker on to cucumber.  The cream cheese is the glue that holds them together.

Step Three:

Cut a slice of cheese in half down the middle.  Now cut each side into small strips, each strip should then be cut at the ends to make the tassel and be pressed firmly on the other end onto the cracker.

Do you have any other great graduation snacks?  Leave a comment below and tell me all about them!

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  1. Maggie Miller says:

    VERY Cute idea! My son is going to be graduating soon and I need to start coming up with ideas! We’re a home school family and won’t graduate at a “traditional” time. Thanks! Love the site!

  2. Laura @ Beltway Bargain Mom says:

    Love this cute & healthy graduation-themed snack! Thanks for sharing Discount Dame! I love DIY snacks, but have a sweet tooth, as you can tell from my Frugal Cake Lady post on my blog :)

  3. Lindsay says:

    CUTE and so easy to make! I love this idea. Have to remember it for next year when my son graduates from pre-K and will be ready for kindergarten. Thanks!

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