DIY Fire Starters: Never Buy Lighter Fluid Again!

There is nothing worse than a hotdog that tastes like lighter fluid.  Starting a fire without it though can be a struggle, especially if you didn’t bring your own kindling, and who has room for that in the already loaded down car.  Newspaper works, ish, but is a pain to deal with…what’s a savvy camper to do?  Make your own DIY Fire Starters to get your campfire blazing the free and easy way!

What You’ll Need: 

  • Candle
  • Egg Carton
  • Dryer Lint

Step One: 

Take pieces of dryer lint and fill each compartment of the egg carton.  Light your candle and let it burn for a bit.  If you don’t have a match light a piece of dry spaghetti off the stove burner…this works great for candles in holders that make them hard to light as well.

Step Two:

Drizzle melted wax over lint, be sure to cover the top enough to make the lint stick together.

How To Use:

Simply pack the egg carton full of fire starters on your next camping trip.  Pop a few out, nestle them around in your fire pit or grill and light them and *drum roll please* you have fire!

What are your favorite camping “hacks” or tricks?  Share them below!

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