Artichokes 10 For $1?

If it’s Sunday afternoon you can bet you’ll find me here at the Farm Fresh Produce Stand off of Highway 1 just before the quaint ocean side town of Moss Landing.  You’ll know that you are at the right produce stand when you see the painted cutouts of over sized artichokes being loaded into an old truck and a yellow Nash Metropolitan (once my dream car).  Why do I love this produce stand situated almost an hour from my house?  Artichokes 12 for  $1, Avocados 10 for $1, Cuties $0.69 per lb, and all of the other AMAZING deals and one of a kind items like Local Honey which is said to help with allergies (bees eat pollen from local pollen producing plants and process it, you eat it, it helps your body get used to it, or something scientific like that…I read it once…in a book…).  I don’t know who owns this place, but well done.  I’m a fan.

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  1. Joel Veldt says:

    Is this Moss Landing, CA? I may have finally found the one redeeming quality of California!

    • The Discount Dame says:

      Hi Joel, it is Moss Landing, CA. I was just there today and picked up my artichokes and avocados 10 for $1 again. Best produce place around.

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