Why You’re Paying Too Much For Groceries: Part One

Ever feel like the more you try to save on groceries the more you end up spending?  You are not alone.  Manufacturers are looking for new ways every day to make you spend more at the store.  The first thing you should know is that nothing you encounter in the grocery store is an accident.  Brands pay extra to have their items placed at eye level on the shelf, their packaging is designed to make you not only want the item, but to pay more for it.  Take the two bags of croutons above for instance, which one would you reach for?  When you calculate price per ounce e of product the smaller bag ends up being cheaper.  The lesson in this?  Beware of wording like “Bonus Pack”, “Family Pack”, “25% More Free”…always check price per ounce, it never lies.

Here’s how to check price per ounce:

Item Price divided by the number of ounces in the package.


Price: $3.49

Ounces in the package: 16


*This is where I thank heavens for smart phones, having a calculator on hand is so, well, handy.

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