Party On! Friday: Mustache Diaper Cake

One of my dear friends from my wild and crazy college years is expecting her second son and I was happy to receive an invite to her baby shower.  But what do you buy a mommy to be who has all the boy things she needs, and has the same silly sense of humor I do?  A diaper cake (because a mommy can NEVER get enough diapers) and why not make it a dapper diaper cake while we’re at it!  Here is the how-to along with some FREE Printables I created for your printing pleasure.

What You’ll Need:

  • (2) Packs of Diapers
  • Red Felt ( you can also use ribbon, but I like to use felt throughout so that it all has the same texture)
  • Black Felt
  • Safety Pins
  • Self Adhesive Mustache
  • Free Printable Tag
  • Cake Pans or other pots and pans in three sizes Large, Medium and Small

Step One: Roll It

Roll your diapers up with the patterned top on the inside, some people tape them or put a clear plastic rubber band around them to keep them rolled…I live on the wild side and just hold them closed against each other.

Step Two: Pat It

Take your rolled diapers and place them in your pans, you’ll need to make sure they are packed in tight.  Now tie a string or ribbon around the diapers right above the edge of the pan, tie this TIGHT so that the layer holds together.  Remove from pan and place on tray or cardboard, whatever you plan on transporting the cake on.

Step Three: And Mark It With a B

Here is the printable tag I created for the top that can also serve as a to and from tag:

Step Four: Put It In The Oven

Okay, so there is no baking involved, in fact, DO NOT PUT IT IN THE OVEN, just stack the layers and measure out a piece of red felt or ribbon and secure it around the layers, covering, but not removing the tight ribbon or string that holding the layer together.  Fasten with safety pins.


Step Five: For a Gentlemen

Measure the height and circumference of your top-tier.  Cut a piece of black felt to your measurements and wrap around the top-tier securing it on with safety pins.  Next take your middle tier and place it on top of your remaining black felt.  Trace the tier keeping the shape round (the tier will be scalloped because of the shape of the rolled diapers, don’t trace the indents).  Place that black circle on top of the second tier and put your wrapped top-tier on top.

Step Six: And Me

Now you can embellish the middle tier with your mustache, you can also use the template below to create a bow tie and monocle for the bottom tier.


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