iPod Shuffle $39.99 + FREE Shipping

Okay, so maybe I am a little behind the times but I don’t have an iPod…stop laughing, jeering, or raising your eyebrow at me, I belong to another era my dear, an era of vinyl.  Okay technically I belong to an era of mix tapes and burned CDs but I digress.  I have started biking, and when I say that I mean I do about a mile and a half route around the neighborhood pulling my 5-year-old in a buggy thing behind me…I’m hard core like that…well I went on a solo ride Sunday morning and ate it.  Yup I fell off of my bike and it landed on me.  How does a 28-year-old fall of their bike and then end up underneath it on a paved city street with no incline you ask?  I almost dropped my cell phone that I was fiddling with to try to get my Pandora Radio to work on…so it looks like it’s time to invest in one of these iPod Shuffle do-dads.  They are $39.99 + FREE Shipping and come in oodles of fun colors!

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