Free Kindle Reading Apps for Devices Other Than a Kindle

So, you haven’t broken down and bought that Kindle yet, it’s okay, I was reluctant at first too.  Even though I take my Kindle Betty with me everywhere, yes I named my Kindle, I name inadamant objects on a fairly regular basis…Betsy my Kitchen Aid, Edna my lap top, Penelope my printer, Gertrude and Hilda aka my washer and dryer…but I digress.  When I don’t have my Kindle on hand I use the free Kindle app on my phone to read FREE books…yup, free app, free books.  I can also access my library from Edna, er, my lap top.  Do you want hundreds of free books available to you right on your smart phone for free?  Of course you do (makes for a much more pleasant wait in the doctor’s office).  CLICK HERE to get yours directly from :D





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