DIY Wednesday: ALL Candy Easter Basket!

Let the sugar high begin!  Easter is on its way and what better way to ring in the assention of Christ than with a candy hangover that will last for days?  I knew you’d be with me.  This year I decided to make my little guy and ALL Candy Easter Basket, the whole thing took about 5 minutes to make and only set me back $7!  Plus I made a mini one for a special someone who just might read this post so I can’t divulge their name…

What You’ll Need:


  • Four Boxes of Peeps*
  • One Bag of Shredded Paper*
  • One Bag of eggs*
  • One Bag of Marshmallow Twists or Licorice*
  • One Multi-pack of chocolate Bunnies*
  • One Marshmallow Lollipop*
  • Clear tape (I used clear mailing tape)
  • Scrap Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Thank you card or other cardboard-esc material for bottom of basket

*Purchased at Dollar Tree for $1 each, everything else I had on hand.

Step One:

Stand your boxes up Peep side out.  Once you have them up wrap your ribbon around them and tie a knot, be sure the ribbon is very tight so it holds them together.  Notice how the ends over lap in the picture.


Step Two:

Turn the boxes over and tape thank you card or other cardboard to the bottom using your clear tape.  Once again I like clear mailing tap because it mimics the clear wrapping on the Peeps so it won’t show up if it goes over the edges a tiny bit.  Flip your basket back over.


Step Three: 

Create a handle either by taping marshmallow twists (still in their package) together or by attaching licorice using a needle and thread.  Next tape them to the inside of the Peep basket walls.
Step Four:

Now you can fill your basket with the left over goodies and eggs and your done!




You can also make a mini version of this, which would make a great teacher gift or little gifts to handout at school!

Who will you be making an ALL Candy Easter Basket For this year?

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  1. Chrysa says:

    That is such a cute idea! Why spend money on a basket, when you can spend it on CANDY!!

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