Party On! Friday: Birthday or Baby Shower Ribbon Wreath

I hate throwing away the ribbons off birthday presents, and with my son’s birthday looming I started looking for ways to turn them into something other than landfill space-taker-upers (totally a word by the way).  I stumbled upon, okay pinned upon this adorable wreath and couldn’t resist sharing it with you!


What You’ll Need:

  • Styrofoam or Raffia Wreath
  • A Heap of Left-Over Ribbons (up-cycle ladies, up-cycle) Sorted By Color
  • About 15 Minutes
Photo Credit
Step One:
Sort your ribbons by color
Step Two:
Start tying them, knot side out, around your wreath
Step Three: Repeat, repeat, repeat.
Yeah, it was totally self-explanatory and a waste of my time to type those directions out, but what else am I going to do on this sunny Friday afternoon at my neighborhood Starbucks while sipping my endless iced coffee for a $1.95?  (To find out how I pay $1.95 for endless coffee at Starbucks and get free coffee as well check out my Starbucks Guide by CLICKING HERE).
Since I have a little extra time to kill until my son gets out of preschool I found you this, you’re welcome.

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