Discount Dame Kids Grocery List

I got a request this week to share what my son’s grocery list looks like, so here it is.  This is a real life saver at the store, it keeps him busy, keeps me sane, and helps him master his colors, shapes, foods, and works on letter sounds as well as math.  Take that Sesame Street!  How do I use this list to do all of that?  Well he gets the list in the car on the way to the store, we talk about what’s on the list, what colors the foods are, do they match their “rainbow color” (instead of numbering the list I give each item a color of the rainbow), we count how many items he’s looking for, etc.  Once we get to the store he hunts down items as we shop, I ask him questions like how many apples do we need and let him choose what color apples he wants, we count how many items he has and talk about what letter the next item starts with, if it’s produce or dairy, if it’s in a package or loose, and then he gets to load his items on the conveyor belt and if there are coupons for his items he hands them to the cashier.  It may sound involved but really it’s very pleasant, it beats the “I want gimme, gimme’s” or fits that come from ignoring him in the cart or trying to speed shop while stuffing his mouth with Cheerios…speaking of Cheerios, string some cheerios  and make yourself a cheerio necklace, or one for your child if they are old enough and let them snack on it in the store, no clean up on aisle 9 and no low blood sugar to contend with.

*Never leave children unattended wearing a cheerio necklace!

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