Party On! Friday: Lighted Picture Frame Centerpiece

This is the perfect centerpiece for the true narcissist, or the super sappy ( I must say I am little bit of both)!  It also makes a great memorial candle for weddings or other occasions where you want to remember your loved ones in a way that is warm, personal, and classy.  The great thing about this craft is that you can really do a lot with a very small budget and you can really customize it by changing up the frames and playing with black and white and sepia tones on the photos.  Plus it’s so easy you’ll be done in 5mins or less, no really, the hardest part is trying to figure out which pictures you want to use.

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What You’ll Need

  • Three Picture Frames of the Same Size
  • Two Small Hindges
  • Votive Candle
  • Velum Paper
  • Super Glue or Hot Glue
  • A Printer

Step One

Choose three pictures off of your computer and print them in black and white or sepia tone to fit the frames you bought and cut off excess paper.

*If you have a pic you want to use that is not on your computer and you don’t have a scanner you can take a picture of it with your smart phone and email it to yourself.  

*If you don’t know how to turn your pic black and white try, it’s free and it’s what I’ve been using for years and you can do SO much with it like add text and so much more, try it, you’ll like it.

Step Two

Get out your frames and remove backing, mating, and any stickers.  Place them front side down and glue hinges on with super glue so that they will create that triangle shape around the candle.

*Be sure hinges are facing the right direction to let them bend in.

*You can always use four frames if you want to make a whole cube of photos, you will need three hinges though.

*The reason you only use two hinges on a three framer is because you need to be able to open it up and place the candle in, because dropping the candle in is no-bueno.

Step Three

While your frames are face down add a small drop of super glue into each corner of each piece of glass and place your photos.

*For a less permanent hold (so you can switch out pics later) use glue dots.

Step Four

Once all of your glue is dry stand it up, light your candle, close it inside and enjoy the instant gratification.

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