Three Free Ways to Loose Weight

Tip 1: Skip The Gym

Workout at home, YouTube has just about every kind of workout video you can imagine and they are all free.  Not a workout video kind of gal?  Why not hit the pavement with your coworkers during your lunch break or take a stroll with other moms pushing strollers?  Pushing a stroller burns nearly double the calories of walking alone.

Tip 2: Don’t Watch While You Eat

Watching TV puts your body into a coma like state that causes you to absorb almost double the calories you would if you were sitting at the table.  So spend some time at the table, if you are destined to snack while you catch up Once Upon a Time (my personal TV obsession) then go ahead, but pour out your portion size into a bowl.  If you take the whole box you will eat the whole box, you know I’m right.

Tip 3: Use a Salad Plate

Eating from a smaller plate will help you reduce portion size without even realizing it.  Plates have grown, making portion sizes climb in size as well, so use a little plate and eat less…seems so simple, why didn’t I think of that sooner…

For more ways to save while dropping pounds check out my YouTube video by clicking HERE.

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