DIY Wednesday: No Sew Stockings

While bee-bopping around yesterday I came across some great ideas for DIY stockings…the only problem is, this is hard to confess, I’m not a very good seamstress.  I can hand sew, but me and the Singer Sewing Machine, we get along as well as the Sharks and the Jets (ala West Side Story, rent it if you haven’t seen it.)  So I made it my mission to find some cute, elegant,  retro, and fun no-sew versions of the DIY stockings I had fallen in love with for my non-seamstress constituents.

I love these DIY No Sew Burlap Stockings!  You can really use this technique on almost any fabric (satin and sheer would not be advisable, but any medium to heavy weight material would work).

Can you tell I love polka-dots?  This No Sew Retro Polka-dot Stocking is the perfect addition if you have a tinsel tree!

Looking for a stocking easy enough to get the kids involved in making?  Well the Felt Tab Stocking is the way to go!


Last but certainly not least is the Hand Sewn Elf Stocking.  I know, I said these were no sew, and the others are, this one just requires the hand sewing skills of an eight year old.  You can do this, and then you can brag about it in the comments below!

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