Halloween Pumpkin Favor Bags

Every year now we circle the neighborhood trick or treating for a solid 45 minutes, our son is four and there for has the stamina and attention span of a kitten.  So once we head home with his candy laden bag we turn on our porch light and sit by the door, carefully sorting our sons candy into four piles: Short Stack, Daddy, Mommy, and Trash…admittedly mommy and daddy’s piles tend to be the largest…it’s for his own good…right?  Then a family friend comes by with one of their adorable children and I look into my candy bowl…Wah wah waaaaah, the lame candy I’m passing out to the masses is just not good enough for this adorable little pumpkin!  Well here are some extra special little pumpkin treat bags to make and set aside for your friends kids, exceptional costumes, or exceptionally polite ghouls and goblins that come knocking on your door this All Hallows Eve.

How cute, cheap and easy are those to make!  What are your favorite treats to pass out?  I miss the days when popcorn balls were the standard, those were soooooooo good!  To bad you can’t trust home-made treats any more…unless you make them yourself!  Check out my easy popcorn ball how to by clicking HERE!

Supplies List:

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