Do It Yourself Cereal Box Stars

It’s Wednesday!  I was planning on sharing another DIY (do it yourself) Halloween project this week BUT I saw these oh-so-adorable Cereal Box Stars that my childhood friend Jorie Cooley made last week and I just had to share them with you!  I love that they require so little to make, and are so light weight!  No drilling giant holes in the wall to mount these babies.  Jorie was nice enough to take step by step pictures and send me the instructions.  Thanks Jorie!



You will need:

  • Star template (can be found online or create your own)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • And of course, a cereal box!

Step One: Break down the cereal box until its flattened then place your star template on it and trace around it with your pen.

Step 2:  Cut out the cardboard star; once you’ve done this, take your ruler and draw a line from the point of each arm straight across to the opposite point/side.

Step 3: Now take your scissors and ruler and using the scissors all the way open, lightly score along these lines. It will catch and curl up somewhat, but that adds to the shabby chic look.

Step 4: Once you’ve scored your star, start flooding along the lines. The middle of the arms you will want to fold into peaks, and the shorter lines in between the arms you will want to fold like a valley.

And there you have it; you now know how to make a 3-D star!!

*Tip* Paint desired color…I added a darker color to add to the distressed look along all the lines!

A special thanks again to Mrs. Cooley for this great DIY project!

Do you have a great project, recipe, or design idea that is frugal and fun?

Email me pics at DiscountDame{@}!

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  1. The Discount Dame says:

    Okay I just have to say this is one of my favorite DIY ideas ever!

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