Party On! Friday: Bonfire Party

Whether you’re heading to the beach or just out the back door a bonfire is a party that screams SUMMER!  The best part is it’s one of the least expensive ways to entertain.  Start post dinner, around 8:00 and use the recipes below along with some marshmallows and sticks to create a fun evening of laid back fun.



Now here is the ultimate bonfire invitation!  Head to your local dollar store or cruise the web for some jewelery boxes, next grab a bag of Hershey’s minis (if you can’t find those break up a Hershey bar similar to the way they show the gram cracker done), some wax paper to wrap your graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows, a box of matches some grahms and your set.  All you need to do now is print out a small invite (create it in Paint or Word on your computer) and viola!

Photo Credit: Quite Like It


Building The Bonfire

Since the bonfire is your only source of heat, light, food, and entertainment at this party your going to want to build it, and build it good.  Here is a great step by step tutorial I found that will have you staying warm and roasting marshmallows into the wee hours.

Want to start your bonfire without having to douse it in stinky lighter fluid?  I’ve got the perfect FREE DIY Fire Starters for you right here.


Bonfire Banana Boats are a great desert you can make ahead really inexpensively!  Just be sure you remember to bring spoons!




Let them nibble!  Treat your guest to some delicious Home Made Bonfire Trail Mix as either a menu item or a favor!


And whatever you do: Don’t forget the blankets!

Share some of your favorite bonfire tips by leaving a comment below!

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