Party On! Friday: Light Up Your Life! 5 Paper Lantern How To’s

Summer days are growing longer and warmer and you know what that means!  Time to move the party outdoors!  But decorating for an outdoor fet can cause a few problems, how do you camouflage a not so pretty patio?  Or add light without running wires?  How are you going to match the decorations to your patio furniture, and how are do you keep the bugs at bay?  Well I have the answer to all of these outdoor entertaining dilemmas: Paper Lanterns.


Lanterns not only add light, they can be made to match any party decor (Party City, Micheal’s, and Walmart all have great tissue paper departments with lots of color options), they add a soft yet festive feel and, when you use citronella flameless candles in them they keep bugs at bay!  Plus they fold up easily for storage!

So let’s start snipping and folding our way to summer party success with these great DIY lantern ideas:


The first lantern on my list is this Martha Stewart Craft Dept. Lantern.  If you have any old, discolored, or just bleh looking round lanterns you want to give new life quickly and easily this is the lantern project for you!





Are they flowers or stars?  These versatile little Free Standing Lanterns are great either way!  Use them to line a walk way or path, cluster them on a table, or line them up on fence posts to add light and ambiance to any outdoor, or indoor space.




Looking for a unique way to welcome your guests or share the name of the parties honored guest(s)? Look no further than this Lighted Paper Pennent Lantern Garland!




If you’re looking for a lantern that will WOW your guests, or your teenage daughter, try making one of these pretty Star Lanterns.  Don’t worry, I’ve found you a great step by step video tutorial for this more complicated design…your welcome.




For those of you looking for something a little more classic and a little less formal you’ll love the DIY Paper Ornament.  Don’t let the name fool you!  These can be made any size and in any color and as pretty hanging from your back yard oak tree as they are hanging from your Christmas tree!



So what outdoor shindigs are you planning this summer?  Which lanterns are you planning on making?  Tell me all about it and your party ideas could be featured on Party On! Friday.

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  1. Laura @ Beltway Bargain Mom says:

    Great idea for paper lanterns to add some pizazz to your party! Love the DIY paper lanterns for outdoor parties & decor. Thanks for sharing!
    Another fun DIY idea for parties that can save you money is making/decorating your own cakes!

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