DIY Wednesday: Two Ingredient Cupcakes, Lemon Bars, and Cookies

So you’re child came home and informed you that the school bake sale is tomorrow…Or maybe you forgot today is your besties birthday and she’s on her way over…Or you burned the cupcakes because you got caught up browsing Pinterest…Whatever the reason for your sudden need for baked goods I have you covered!  No eggs in the fridge?  No oil in the pantry?  I’ve got your back sweetie don’t fret!  Check out these three easy 2 ingrediant recipes that will wow while saving your butt.

How delicious do these Lemon Bars look?  Hard to believe you only need two ingredients to make them right!



In a bind and need some Cookies fast?  Try these easy two ingredient wonders!




Cupcakes more your speed?  Grab a can of soda and a cake mix, no really that’s all you need!

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