Party On! Friday: Let Them Eat Pie!

For years I lived under the misconception that I didn’t like pie…boy was I missing out!  Pies are wonderful in a way few foods are, they are truly a food that is meant to be shared.  The ancient Egyptians are credited with creating the first pie around 9500 BC and loved the sweet little self-contained treat so much you can see references to pie on tomb walls in the pyramids!  Now that is dedication to ones favorite dessert…makes me wonder if having coffee mugs and Splenda packets engraved on my coffin would be to much…nah.  So back to the pie, the pie, the glorious pie.  Nothing is more inviting than a pie so grab some girlfriends, put on a pot of coffee and whip one of these sweet or savory rounds to share because it’s always a party when there’s pie!


The Savory

What better way to enjoy left over seafood than with this delicious Crab Pie!  What a great way to tone down the fishiness and up the nutritional value bay adding veggies into the mix.  This is a whole meal in one pie pan!



Country Irish Shepherds Pie St. Patricks Day Meals

With St. Patty’s Day just around the corner why not serve up this Country Irish Shepard’s Pie?  Be ready to make it again and again though, it is delicious!  It goes great with green beer and will help those who don’t have an Irish man’s tolerance for alcohol to sober up.




The Sweet

Avocado Pie

Okay, I know you’re scratching your head…What is that pie?  Drum roll please….Avocado Pie!  STOP!  Do not wrinkle your nose and pass this pie up!  This is your chance, this is your ace in the pie hole…wait, that doesn’t sound right…let me rephrase that.  This is the unexpected genius pie that will win you first place wherever you enter it.  Make it.  Eat it. Serve it.  Become a celebrity chef. Bam! Yum-o! You get it.


Okay so your thinking that a savory pie somehow made it into the sweet section right?  Your thinking “Wake up Discount Dame, how hard can it be to classify a pie as either sweet or savory?”  But this is a Sweet Spinach Pie!  I know, I just tested your faith with the avocado pie but Trust me doll this is another wow inspiring pie that will blow people’s minds…I bet I’m blowing your mind right now!

Peach Pie in a JarFor my next trick ladies and gentlemen I will pull a rabbit out of my hat…er…I will put a pie in a jar!  So if you’re in the mood for a classic pie flavoring with a twist check out these great little Pie in a Jar Recipe.  How amazing would these be as wedding favors?  Or desserts for a kids party?  Oh oh I want to make them right now!  FYI Walmart has these little flat jars, I use them for my Red Wine Jelly.

You know the expression “Perfect as Pie”?  Well now you know where it comes from!  Happy Baking!

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