DIY Wednesday: No Carve Pumpkins That Wow

Happy Wednesday Dames!  As Halloween draws near the pumpkin patches begin bustling with business.  Everyone is snatching up these orange sphere’s and creating works of art!  Then three days later that masterfully carved pumpkin turns into a moldy, deformed, gnat hive on your porch.  This is fine if your looking to scare away those pesky kids who’ll be roaming the streets looking for candy…but if you want your pumpkin to see Halloween night you might try decorating it instead of carving it.  Now don’t scoff, you can still carve it the day before the big night, but why not decorate it now?  Here are three of my favorite non-invasive pumpkin decorating ideas:

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One Step Stocking Pumpkins

What You’ll Need:

  • Fishnet, lace, or other patterned stockings
  • Black rubber bands, black yarn or hair bands
  • Scissors
I must say this is the easiest way to decorate a pumpkin.  Just slip the stocking over the pumpkin and tie off the top.  Cut away excess stocking.  Close that stocking off with a rubber band, yarn, or hair band and move on to the next stocking.  Viola!  Instant transformation and the pumpkin will still be carve-able come All Hallows Eve-Eve.

Silhouette Pumpkin

What You’ll Need:
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • clear glue
  • White Paint (optional)
Step One:  Finding a Face
Whether you choose to use a familiar face by creating a Simply Stunning Simple  Silhouette, or you troll the internet and find a random silhouette you need to print one off your computer and cut it out…yes cut it out…I know it’s time consuming…trust me it will not be as arduous as it sounds…ninny.
Step Two: Tom Sawyer It Up
Paint your pumpkin, or get someone else to by telling them how much fun it is to white wash a pumpkin…
Step Three:  Watching Paint Dry
Once your pumpkin’s paint is “tacky” and I don’t mean because it’s wearing white after labor day, apply your silhouette and brush the clear glue all over it.  ***Make sure you tuck it into all of the crevices of the pumpkin and position it on the pumpkin so that the features (eyelashes, nose, mouth, etc) are on a smooth part and aren’t distorted by a crevice or crease in the pumpkin.***

Cute As A Button Pumpkin

What You’ll Need:
  • Buttons you don’t want anymore (varying sizes but same color family seem to look best, and you cannot just peel these off and re-use so be prepared to say goodbye to the buttons after thanksgiving)
  • Super Glue
This one pretty much explains itself…glue buttons onto pumpkin randomly…done….but just to give you another take I’ve seen people spell out the word “Boo!” or create their initial(s) as well.
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