The Dame

FotoFlexer_PhotoHi there guys and dolls,  who am I kidding, hi there dolls.  I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to stop by and have a gander at my site!  I hope you’re liking what you see.  Now just in case your a curious kinda gal here’s a little about me…

I’m a 30 year old stay at home mother and housewife living in the golden state, also known as California.   I started couponing when the company my husband worked for shut it’s doors and he was laid off.  I began my love affair with couponing out of necessity, but my husband has been back to work for almost five years now and I’m still clipping.

I really think I might have been born about 50 years to late.  I love Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies and collect vintage costume jewelry.  Cary Grant and Rock Hudson are my dream dates, yeah I know Rock plays for the other team but just let me have my delusions please.  I guess that’s about it, enjoy the site and if you have any questions or suggestions send me a singing telegram, those are fun.  If you can’t find a telegram service I guess you could just shoot me an email at

“Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

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