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How to read coupons

Coupons Decoded! How to Read Manufacturer, Catalina, Store, and Printable Coupons

For anyone whose ever stared blankly at a coupon wondered what on earth it all means:

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How to Save: When Shopping Online

Here are some of my favorite ways to save big when shopping online: Be sure to remove your credit card number from all of your online shopping accounts.  It’s easy to overspend when everything is just one click away, but if you have to hunt down your credit or debit card and enter in all [Read On]


How To Find Your Slow Money Drips

Are you a coffee addict? Can you pass a drive through with a green mermaid above it without getting the shakes? Well that Soy White Peppermint Mocha extra hot with Whip and a double shot of espresso might be setting you back more than you think… Most of us are blissfully unaware of how much [Read On]

diy candle holder parchment

DIY Parchment Paper Candle Holders

Every other week, Anna Hezel talks about the innovations, decorations, and other quiet touches that make a party memorable. Today: Get your candles into party gear with just some parchment paper, glue, and a pair of scissors.    If you’re anything like me, you spend the week before a big party walking in the same circles around [Read On]

Reynolds Aluminum Foil

After Christmas Shopping Tips

 ’Tis the season for Christmas left overs and 75% off!  We all know that Christmas decor is on clearance now that the holiday has passed, but what else can you score on the cheap this week? -Clothing is the most returned gift, so while you’re returning that Rudolph seater with the blinking nose Nana gave you scope [Read On]

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